Practice Does Make Perfect; Learning Through Repetition

In the book Outliners, author Malcolm Gladwell introduces the 10,000 hour rule. According to Gladwell, in order to achieve mastery in any field – one must deliberately practice for 10,000 hours.

Children learn through repetition, this has been proven. Singing a song multiple times, reading the same story over and over – these actions help with the development of neural paths in the brain and assist with the learning process.

Learning, or the growth of neural connections in the brain, is strengthened through repetition. A one-time experience is not enough for a neural connection to form and stabilize. It is through repetition that possibility becomes ability.

The fact that children learn through repetition is not a new theory. Television shows, such as Blue’s Clues, utilize this. Market research was done when creating Blue’s Clues, and across the board – children wanted repetition. Why do you think your toddler’s favorite word is, “Again!”? Their brains crave repetition.

Repeated experience also seems to inoculate toddlers against forgetting. Even for adults, learning any new skill, from playing the piano to playing tennis, takes repeated practice.

Apps like Find + Learn and Find + Read make learning through repetition fun. Words, with their respective images and narrations, are grouped in themed collections. With a friendly voice – your child is asked to find a particular image or word. Several interactive elements maintain your child’s interest and encourage repeat play which reinforces learning.

You can learn more about Find + Learn HERE.

You can learn more about Find + Read HERE.

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