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Plan your trips on your iPad, iPhone or Mac

Road Tripper

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Organize your trips directly on the map by adding the places you wish to visit.

Creative, Useful Apps for Mac and iOS

Road Tripper: Organize your trips on your Mac and share them with your iPhone.

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Road Tripper for Mac

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! – Free app that includes In-App Purchase for PREMIUM Subscription, with a free trial period of one month.

The Road Tripper PREMIUM Subscription:

• Unlocks storage rights to the ZurApps Vault to export and import trips using a private key

• Grants unlimited access to download and upload documents within ZurApps Library

• Activates additional features such as creating multiple trips and several ways of sharing trips

Organize your trips directly on the map by adding the places you wish to visit. For each place, you can add: a name, description, arrival and departure date, URL, phone number, and address.

Road Tripper is the perfect app for travelers, salespeople, trucking companies, and couriers…and more!

What’s New in Version 17.1

• Function to search text in the list of places highlights the ones that contain the text in the title, description, address, phone number or url

• Corrected issue that caused the app to crash

Road Tripper Mac Features

iCloud Integration

• Create your trip on your Mac and have it showing on your iPhone or iPad

• Make changes on the iOS device and update the trip on your Mac as well

Display Routes 

• By car, walking or direct

• Distances and estimated travel times

Share Your Trips

• Print the list of places

• Email the list of places

• Share a copy of the trip to other users or to yourself, for backup

• Export the list of places as GPX KML CSV files

• Duplicate the trip

• Email the list of places as a PDF file

• Export to iCloud

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