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Technology In Education – The Way Of The Future?

“What time is it?” I ask my 7 year old niece. In response, she immediately picks up her iPad, and says, “3:15 pm.” I smile, because I know what’s coming next. “Want to play a game with me?” she asks excitedly, knowing that yes, of course I do! She unlocks the iPad, scrolls through all […]

20 Magical Photos of Greece Guaranteed to Stoke your Wanderlust

Whether you’re still dreaming up your perfect trip to Athens or Santorini or you’ve already booked and need some itinerary inspiration, let these beautiful Greece photos stoke your wanderlust! Greece is a magical, wondrous, swoon-worthy destination that should be on everyone’s wishlist!

Kids Can Learn To Tell Time With Kids Tell Time

Kids Tell Time is a fun, educational app for kids to learn how to tell time on an analog clock face. Available for the iPhone, iPod or iPad, Kids Tell Time can be downloaded in the App Store. Kids Tell Time was featured as one of the 5 parent and kid-friendly apps to help get […]

Practice Does Make Perfect; Learning Through Repetition

In the book Outliners, author Malcolm Gladwell introduces the 10,000 hour rule. According to Gladwell, in order to achieve mastery in any field – one must deliberately practice for 10,000 hours. Children learn through repetition, this has been proven. Singing a song multiple times, reading the same story over and over – these actions help […]

Top 30 Islands in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

The largest island in Narragansett Bay is where you’ll find Newport, one of our ten best small cities in America, lined with elegant Gilded Age mansions straight out of an Edith Wharton novel. The City by the Sea is also a center for sailing. Pro tip: The Newport Jazz Festival, held in August each year, […]

The Best Labor Day Road Trips

The long, lingering days of summer are starting to come to a close, and lazy weekends and warm-weather getaways will soon be nothing more than memories. Before you know it, you’ll be back running shuttles to soccer practice and shoveling the driveway. Unless, of course, you plan one last summer fling. Make the most of […]

Technology Education for Students Is Essential in Creating a Future STEM Workforce, and It Starts With Educating Teachers

Digital device learning, often called 1-to-1 computing or a “smart classroom,” is not some faraway abstraction or revolutionary concept in education. In fact, thanks to grants and state-subsidized funding, an increasing number of school districts nationwide are securing electronic devices such as personal computers, remote accessible software and even handheld tablets for their students from […]

Modern Day “I Spy” with FIND + LEARN!

A summer getaway will help keep the kids busy and your family can create some great memories! Taking the family on a road trip, even if it is only an hour or two away, can be a great bonding experience. You pack the car, get everyone situated and off you go; out on the open […]

Reducing Math Anxiety: What Can Teachers Do?

We’ve written about math anxiety on this blog before—how it can be brought on by early negative math experiences and, more recently, its link to genetic factors. Research says math anxiety can lead to a decrease in working memory and that girls taught by a female teacher with high math anxiety are more likely to endorse gender-related stereotypes about […]