Road Tripper – Your Key To Optimizing Your Sales Activity

In today’s increasingly competitive market, attending to your customers’ needs consistently is crucial to any sales activity. Besides providing clients with your products and services, serving them where they work and live can be a challenge – particularly when serving new regions of a city, new cities, and new countries. Determining where your customers are located can often be a task when the terrain is unfamiliar.

Maybe you’ve compiled a list of clients, and need a comprehensive way to compile directions to each of them over several regions. You may also want to have detailed profiles about each of your clients included in your maps that gives you all you need to know in one convenient interface. Another factor is the quality of the directions itself: how do you reduce frustrating factors in trying to find the best route to reach your customers, including battling traffic and generally finding more efficient routes?

Fortunately, up-to-date mapping applications are making it increasingly easier to conquer this part of the sales cycle. Thanks to Google’s vastly improved 3D Maps system, advanced navigation applications such as Zurapps’ Road Tripper application for the iPad and iPhone can integrate navigation and your clients’ profiles to deliver a powerful sales solution.

Road Tripper allows you to create as many maps to your customers as you wish which include a wealth of information, such as:

  • the ability to  simply add to, view, and edit your customers’ profiles;
  • Maps or Points buttons to display your navigation lists;
  • vehicular, cycling, or walking routes, their distances, and the time it would take to travel;
  • various screen views — Standard, Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain; and
  • the ability to zoom in or out of street views, search new locations, and save alternate route information.

The TRIAL version of Road Tripper provides all of the above functionality, but the FULL version further integrates networking information within your sales team. By allowing your team to share maps, points lists, and client profiles through a powerful email component, Road Tripper instantly  creates a comprehensive team-wide knowledge solution. With your sales and marketing, courier, and delivery teams all on the same platform, your customer confidence can increase dramatically as you address their needs efficiently and accurately, while freeing up your time to pursue additional sales and marketing targets. And, of course, online sales and technical support is available to assist. It’s a sales force’s game-changer!

1 PRO Credit is required for certain Road Tripper features, such as email sharing of various file types. FULL version users automatically receive 1 PRO Credit per day, per device, and additional PRO Credits can be purchased by device, in packages of 10.

Visit Road Tripper’s YouTube tutorials for demonstrations.

Make sales quicker – be a Road Tripper!