Modern Day “I Spy” with FIND + LEARN!

A summer getaway will help keep the kids busy and your family can create some great memories! Taking the family on a road trip, even if it is only an hour or two away, can be a great bonding experience. You pack the car, get everyone situated and off you go; out on the open road! But, after a little while, the excitement will wear off and the restlessness will set in. The questions will start; “Are we there yet?”; “Billy is pinching me!”; “Susie won’t stop kicking!”, and of course the inevitable, “Keep it up and we will turn this car around and just go home!”

Why not avoid all of that stress, and plan some fun and easy road trip activities for kids?  Playing games like “I Spy” might prove to be a little bit difficult if outside is dark and gloomy! Luckily, ZurApps has a solution to that! Our FIND + LEARN app is perfect for road trips. FIND + LEARN is an educational, interactive app. With different modes and collections, FIND + LEARN will keep your child entertained in the car for hours! The Find It! Mode will ask you to find a specific image, on a page of multiple images. Basically, FIND + LEARN is a modern day, technology based, “I Spy!”

So, pack up the car, download FIND + LEARN and don’t forget your charger!

I spy, with my little eyes something that is….FUN!